I LOVE HARRY POTTER! It's my life so deal with it! This IS a Harry Potter blog! Helena Bonham Carter is amazing! A VERY POTTER MUSICAL is totally awesome and if you don't get that go watch it! I promise you it will all make sense! Luna Lovegood is amazing but someone took the name:( Damn so close! Anyway I'm also a TOTAL GLEEK and have way too much fun with CAPS LOCK and exclamation marks<3 I am who I am, and no, being obsessed with Harry Potter is NOT a bad thing! Anyway Emma Watson(Hermione Grnager) is awesome and so is Matthew Lewis(Neville Longbottom)! LOVE the whole cast but that would take a super long time to write! I AM A PROUD POTTER HEAD, fourth year slytherin at Hogwarts<3 Look me UP! DAY 2 pottermore beta tester and WOAH- identity crisis! i'm in gryffindor! but it is still a lovely house! i'm MagicDraconis145 (aka Cissy to you gryffs) so feel free to add me! LOVE YOU ALL XoXo -Mme Lestrange

22nd March 2011

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